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STST Architecture                                            STST Engineering

   from Sefre Architects + Research Group (SA+RG) London


Technological Advances for utilising Sand and Soil for Construction

Democratic Architecture

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Sand/Soil to Stone Technology

STST Applications

Sefre Architects + Research Group

STST is a group of inorganic agents, which are mixed with sand or soil  in given proportions and without any requirement for heat. The resulting solidification is stronger than concrete under compression and much cheaper. The aim is to revolutionise road and housing construction in developing countries and promote local employment.

S A+RG facilitate all aspects of real estate development projects from master planning, architectural design, engineering and securing financing to successful completion. The Group have developed a unique technology  and methodology for the construction of roads and housing referred to as STST (sand/soil to stone technology).

Sefre Architects + Research Group - London, Moscow, Tehran, Riyadh, Seoul and Rep Office Oklahoma


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STST can be used to make bricks, blocks, cladding, as well as foundations, roads, airport runways etc, all cheaply and without the need for any heat or energy. This will also encourage a renaissance in traditional arts of decorative panel making, brick and block making and stone cladding in a variety of forms and decorations.


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